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Region 2 North - Day 2 - Evening Report


It was a hot day and the mantra for the day was drink water. I must have heard a variation of this mantra repeated to me a dozen times…tell your kids to drink lots of water!

The short version of this report is that we had four landouts (all safe.) The long version of this would be my winner’s speech if I had won (which I did not.)

I started out the top of the cylinder near the Southern most part (upwind) and cruised to the first turnpoint gaining about 8 miles over starting out the Northern perimeter. At Ellenville, I saw a line of clouds over the Ashokan Reservoir and decided to hit that turnpoint and then explore the Northern most part of the task area in the cooler temperatures that the higher elevation of the Catskills offered. Unfortunately I ran out of altitude before I got there and had to retreat to Ellenville. How many times have I heard the number one rule of flying a MAT? Don’t go towards a single tunpoint! Apparently not often enough, as I easily covered 10 miles with no points!

Last night Greg Leslie told me that he felt that making a major plunder early in a task made for a relaxing enjoyable flight. It made sense. No longer competitive (was I ever?) I could just chill, go flying, and enjoy myself.

Arriving back at Ellenville at about 1,000 feet,  I scratched around the lower portion of the Shawanguck Mountains, watched one glider land at the airport, and spent at least 20 minutes questioning my skills as a racing pilot. Finally after doing figure eights on the ridge I got high enough to make full circles and eventually climbed back to 4,500 feet and made one of our new turnpoints “Cliffs.” This portion of the flight took me over the plateau of Minnewaska State Park with its blue lakes and eventually gave me a view one of the more popular climbing spots in the area (and people think flying sailplanes is crazy!?)

From there I headed into the wind and followed the energy line out into the “unlandable” area surrounding another of our new turnpoints “Come Home.” Then I returned to Wurtsboro and flew a couple of easy triangles that included the Otisville prison, Wurtsboro, and Sha Wan Ga. I actually had an enjoyable day after all, got credit for 68 miles, and was rewarded 5th place for my flight!


Posted: 6/17/2014


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