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1-26 Championships - Day 2, Attempt Three

Today was a very windy day at Caesar Creek. After yesterday was scrubbed before gridding, it was even more important to get a day in today.

The morning's pilot briefing revealed that we could expect the winds to be out of the southwest at 20 kits. CUs were expected, with cloud bases at 4000 AGL. A MAT was assigned with one mandatory turnpoint at Lebanon, only 7.5 miles away. 

Grid time was noon, but the launch occured a couple hours later, as we awaited improved conditions and the launch of the pilots in the regional contest. Curt Lewis in 216 was sent up as the 1-26 sniffer and everyone launched when he gave the green light. The winds were quite strong on the ground, but the operations were run in a safe and efficient manner.

Once the start gate opened, pilots had a heck of a time getting out of the vicinity of CCSC and on course. A few pilots saw winds in the high 20s at altitude. Working a narrow lift band with a very strong headwind was the recipe for many land outs today. One field was graced with the presence of four gliders. 

Still, a few extraordinary souls flew "long" flights. I don't know how they did it! I started, but scrambled back to CCSC after a low save not half way to Lebanon. Cal Tax (057) was able to make it to the turnpoint and return home. He said he just got lucky, but I think he was just being modest. 

Tony Condon, Bob Hurni and Bill Vickland all flew over 20 miles--that is a big accomplishment on a day like today.

We tried our hardest, but in the end, only one pilot (Bill Vickland) was able to fly more than 30 miles. The field of fliers failed to log enough miles to make today a valid contest day. We shall have to try again tomorrow.

-Ryan Vihlen

Posted: 6/17/2014


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