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Region 9 - REGION NINE CONTEST-Contest Day One

Monday, 16 June, was a howling success. What this writer means is that the day began with the winds really howling…gusts to forty-four.  The task team (Billy Hill, Steve Hill, Mike Stringfellow and Mike Carris) met and due to the forecast decided the day was going to be a bust. Therefore no task was designed or assigned.  The highlight of the day was the pilot’s briefing particularly because we had Sammy Lockwood, an Albuquerque Air Traffic Controller who brought the air space picture to “life” for the pilots.  This was to be a ten minute briefing that lasted forty minutes due to all the questions. We really appreciated Sammy’s contribution to our contest. The bottom line is we challenged the weather gods and the gods  won.

Posted: 6/17/2014


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