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Region 2 North - Monday Evening Report


First of all I apologize for my oversight. I failed to mention the terrific welcoming cookout the evening of the practice day. It was graciously hosted by Peter Teuber, his lovely wife Candice, and their son Lucas. It was a great way to kick off the contest! So thank you Peter, Candice, and Lucas!

The welcoming cookout was completed with the aerial arrival of Ryszard Krolikowski flying the Aero Club Albatross Grob followed by his crew (and other PIC for their team flying with club members) Bob Templin. It should be noted that Bob ran out of gas on the drive up! Thus ACA completed the Special Bus class with a short bus!

The task yesterday included four pilots who completed their first ever contest task. This included Peter Teuber, Niv Levy, Chuck Waldo, and Warren Cramer. Congratulations guys!

It should be noted that Warren flew his first task in the Wurtsboro ASK-21 instructing a student pilot. This was after he flew one of the tow planes to launch the rest of the fleet. This was in addition to his jobs as contest manager and airport manager of the Wurtsboro airport and glider school!

Daniel Zelek outdid Bob Templin yesterday on day one. He somehow missed the email from Warren telling us all of the new turnpoint list for the contest (as well as the reminder announcement at the pilots meeting.) As a result he did fly to the Ashokan Reservoir and claimed it as a turnpoint but he missed the Bridge that was the official turnpoint. FZ was rewarded for his efforts with a landout at Ellenvile!

Now for the news of today’s task. It was a four turn point task but the weather didn’t cooperate. The Bus class was scratched early as they were the last to launch. The Sports class launched but as the last pilot to launch in the class I can report that my launch was delayed while the pattern was cleared of numerous aircraft in the pattern for relights. Some launched again and a number chose to wait on the ground to see what happened. Finally at about 3:30 advisor and scorer (as well as yesterday’s winner,) Rob Dunning reported to the CD that he felt the task was safe but not fair since half the fleet was on the ground and the rest of us were milling about at 3,500 to 4,000 AGL. By 4 o’clock some of us attempted the task anyway. Fewer yet were rewarded with completions that nicked the corners of the cylinders, probably wouldn’t have gotten minimum distance, and would have been rewarded with finish penalties. This confirmed the CD’s decision to call the day!


Posted: 6/16/2014


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