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1-26 Championships - Day 2 retry

We met at 10 for the pilot meeting and the main note was if it rains we'll probably not fly. As it were, at that moment, the heavens opened up and it rained... really hard. 

The day was cancelled and everyone went their own way. Us and several others enjoyed the Air Force Museum in Dayton. Very cool. 

At 5pm everyone reconvened for a real treat. Jimbob Slocum gave us a talk and presented us with "Plane Crash" or how he crashed a 727! This was the project sponsored by the Discovery Channel for research into crash survivability. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Then, at Karen Jousma's invatation, most of us joined up at the local pub and restaurant Stone Tavern in Waynesville. More fun every day!

Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Steve Vihlen  267

Posted: 6/16/2014


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