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1-26 Championships - Day 2 Update

We had a terrific dinner tonight with a whole roast pig and all the fixings. As dinner was winding up, the final tally from the day was reported. As reported before, the conditions did not meet expectations and after numerous relights for many and great effort by all, we ended up not achieving a contest day. 

Four pilots ended up getting credit for some distance with Cathy Williams topping the list at 19.4 miles! In addition there were again a number of land outs, but all were safe and back at the field without difficulty in short order. 

We are looking forward to soarable weather. There is a mention of a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. Maybe that's just the instability we need to make something happen and get this group back on the task!

Steve Vihlen  267

Posted: 6/15/2014


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