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18 Meter Nationals - End of task thoughts about the call

"The forecast suggested uncertain wx. deteriorating as the day progressed with a predicted 4pm end to good soaring.  Instead, at the time of launch the sky was full of small lenticular clouds which gradually metamorphosed into cu. The thermals marked by these pretty little clouds were reliably strong.  The task itself was delightfully easy."  SZ  Sam Zimmerman whose max altitude was 14000 ft.

"Undercall in some places but with air restrictions down south at the time, this was a good call."  43 Martin Grant who max altitude was 14,250 ft.

"The task called was appropriate to the weather predicted.  The conditions were way better, however, with early lift at 10-11 knot lift early.  The course was almost not big enough because of the improved conditions."  DJ  Doug Jacobs whose max altitude was 15,500 ft. 

posted by Leigh

Posted: 6/15/2014


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