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Saturday, the first practice day, dawned with a blue sky and light winds. Half the contestants had already checked in and were caught standing around the Moriarty Operations Building looking skyward, and making left hand turns.  Those who are very knowledgeable about weather were creating anarchy by suggesting the weather was going to change to blowing winds…….they were right!  By noon the field went out of limits with 44 knots on the AWOS. As one pilot told me, in an attempt to console, “It’s only a practice day.”  Well the day wasn’t totally lost as a lot of hangar flying took place and the racers were able to “chrome up” their trusty steeds. 


The contest administrative staff, Linda and Connie, did a bang up job getting the flying circus registered and bedded down.  A highlight of the process was the “swag bags” donated to the racers by Jane Lucero of the New Mexico State Aviation Department.  The good news is the weather for Sunday is looking good for a practice day.

Posted: 6/15/2014


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