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Region 2 North - Day 1 - Evening Report

Day One Report

Happy Father’s Day from Wurtsboro airport (the oldest US soaring site and Home for the fifth year in a row of the Region Two North soaring contest.) Contest flying with some of your kids as your crew…the greatest way to celebrate Father’s Day!

This year we were treated to an expanded set of turnpoint and organizers showed their sense of humor with names in the data base like If You Dare, In the Woods, Cliffs, and I’m Scared!

We have the traditional Sports class as well as a special Bus class for two seaters. The task for the day was a MAT (2 hours for Bus and 2.5 for Sports) with Ellenville as the only mandatory turnpoint. To me that means we don’t know what the weather is going to be so the pilots get to determine the task. Frankly I prefer not to have to do so much extra thinking in the air! 

Pilots at the front of the grid were treated to wave, cool temperatures, and in one case a climb to 7,200 before the entire class was launched! Then we had to get down to under 5,000 for a valid start. Most pilots found conditions to the North in the lower Catskills to be the better direction. At the end of the day 21 pilots flew the task and 2 landed out safely (both at Ellenville.) Happy talk and smiling faces as we tell tall tales of our skills on course while we await the scores.

- John Dezzutti (JD)

Posted: 6/15/2014


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