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1-26 Championships - Day one in the bag

Today was a day of starts and stops. At the pilots meeting Hutch and the weather man expected good conditions, but blues skies... Again. So I think everyone was optimistic for a "good" day. Grid time was noon and unlike yesterday everyone was in place on time and at the west side of the field this time as winds were 5-10 out of the NE. 

We had an LS-4 performing sniffing duties and once he took a first look and landed back we realized the day may not be developing as expected. So, after a reasonable amount of time and he launched again, and again landed back, there were serious doubts as to what was going to happen and we were questioning whether or not we were going to get a day in. 

Before 3pm Hutch called the pilots together and it was decided to launch the gliders and whoever could stick could give it a try. An adjusted task was also issued. 1 1/2 TAT with 2 TPs. 

Once launched, most gliders gaggled together in a HUGE single thermal over the center of the field. Lots of colors going round and round and not a lot of "up". But after a while the start gate was opened and seeing the day slipping away most gliders headed out on task. 

The day was challenging to say the least with top of lift only to 4000' msl. Probably averaging only 2kts. Most everyone led a path to the first TP with lots of gaggles. So finding the groups were easy but if one was only a few hundred feet off, you might not find the same lift. I thought the lift band was very narrow. On the second leg most had split up. Those that made it around the course just nicked the corners and tried to get home. 

At at the time of this report, our scores have not been published due to 8-9 land outs and subsequent retrieves. Everyone down safely and every few minutes another trailer with glider is seen arriving at the field. 

First day in the bag - On to tomorrow

Steve Vihlen 267



Posted: 6/14/2014


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