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18 Meter Nationals - end of task thoughts about the call

"I was so hoping that they would fly.  Alas, the crew members union had to cancel our spa appointment"  7T Crew Tiffany Fidler

"It was a perfect afternoon; sitting in mostly shade, visiting with friends, old and new, listening to glider stories and just being with my heroes.  They only thing lacking was the marguerita bar, but not to worry that will come later"  SZ crew Leigh Zimmerman

Seriously, these guys(CD, CM, Scoring, Ops, weather) could take this show on the road.  They are handling the pilots, crews, and spectators with great tact, professionalism and bits of comic relief.  This is one of the most enjoyable contests ever, for me.  I cannot say enough about Soar Nevada; the line guys are "johnny on the spot" with a terrific attitude.  The airport manager, Bobbie(a lady) has bent over backwards to accommodate the competition soaring community.  Did I mention that Soar Nevada is run by a lady, also.  Girl power!  Thank you all for a special time and here's hoping the weather gods will send us more good stuff.

posted by Leigh

Posted: 6/14/2014


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