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1-26 Championships - Friday Practice Day

Hello from Caesar Creek! Today dawned overcast and cool with a chance of showers through midday. Most of our 19 entrants were rigged and ready the day before with the anticipation of a great week of soaring. At the 10 o'clock pilots meeting all the particulars were discussed and the weatherman was right on his prediction as it rained on and off throughout the meeting. Despite this otherwise grim start, the forecast did say clearing skies once the cold front that had been parked overhead moved out of the area to the southeast. 

Mike "Hutch" Hutchinson declared a modest 1 1/2 hr TAT which included Lebanon, Hook (Middletown) and High Bridge. The grid time was 1200 but no one actually really got serious until 1 and our sniffer Curt Lewis launched just after 2. Once Curt reported lift the launch began and was completed quickly. Most pilots found consistent lift to as high as 5000  in the 2-3 it's range. 

The trick for the shortened day was to not go deep in the circles and most if not all finished under time. Yours truly bucked that trend and went deep into TP 2 to play the stronger NW winds and ended up being the only land out at Hook. Aero retrieve home in time for the Mexican dinner which was delicious. 

Results for the day:

1. Tony Condon 275 wih a speed around 40 mph and 42 miles

2. Kevin Anderson 192 

3. Curt Lewis 216

That's it for today. Tomorrow promises to be a great day with a strong forecast.

Steve Vihlen 267


Posted: 6/13/2014


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