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18 Meter Nationals - End of task thoughts about the call

"Spectacular call-patient CD management. My first cross country in wave was a great experience.  I learned to make transition from wave to wave with big sink in between"        BB John Cochrane

"I thought it was pretty rough.  I flew with 98 and YC before the start and studied what they were doing and how they were doing it.  By doing that, I learned a tremendous amount about wave and how to fly its race track. My final glide under rotor was the most violent experience in soaring of my life."  7T Sean Fidler

"Great effort by everybody; towpilots, CD, advisors, and ground ops.  We were towed up to thermals in the normal drop zone with 8-13knot lift.  at 13000 I connected with wave.  The primary wave was too rough and ill-defined so I tried the secondary and stayed between 13K and 17K all day.  We were never out of final glide for Minden and it was an ideal call for those who've never flown here before." 4B Rick Walters

posted by Leigh

Posted: 6/12/2014


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