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Region V South - Day 5 - Another good day

The weather prediction for today was similar as yesterday, with winds from the NW at 13-15 mi/ h. Cloud cover did not sound very promising today, with 64% at 3 PM and 74% at 6 PM.

The CD asked pilots to consider a safety finish in case of T-storms around the airport.

The grid was at 12:00 with the sniffer towed at 12:35. The launch started at 12:55 and we managed to get everybody up in 45 minutes - Great job line crew!!!!

It was nice to see happy faces today at the pilots meeting and on the grid - flying makes people happy!

Photo #11036 | R crew in their make

Team R in their "make-out van". Wink

As I am writing we are just hearing on the radio the first pilots announcing their finishes and no land-outs yet. Sounds like a good day indeed.

Please enjoy the pics below and keep an eye on the scores, I need to run and help outside.

Photo #11044 | Sara crew TO helping

Photo #11043 | Team F1 Virginia Th

Photo #11040 | Team 5 Anne and Geo

Photo #11041 | Happy Sue checking t

Photo #11039 | Waiting for the laun

Posted: 6/6/2014


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