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Region V South - Day 4 - Launch from runway 23

This report was supposed to be up earlier in the day, around 3:30 PM, but that is about the time the first land-out called the retrieve office and my report disappeared as the system logged me out due to inactivity. That is because the phone kept ringing until just now, with 11 land-outs, all safe, 2 at airports and the rest in fields past the second turnpoint.

The morning weather brief predicted cirrus coming from the North, 20% chance of precipitation, a high of 92 F and cloud base around 5,000 ft AGL. Grid time was noon.

We had winds coming from the West, so the launch runway was 23. We had a good launch, with great ground-crew support.

The task for FAI and Sports class was changed shortly after launch in order to make it more suitable to the weather reported by the pilots.

Most land-outs happened between the first and second turn point. 

As of now, we have scores out, not all of them yet, but showing us how most pilots are doing, so check them out.

Have a good evening.


Posted: 6/5/2014


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