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Region V South - Day 2 - A better attempt

Good afternoon to all of you!

I would like to start today's post by introducing to you the team behind R5S:

  • Andreea Alexandrescu - CM/ Retrieve
  • Rich Owen - CD
  • Bill Brashear - Operations
  • Larry Goddard - Scoring
  • Fernando Silva - Weather
  • Mitch Deutsch - Registration

Thank you all for agreeing to come here and make this contest possible.

Today I walked out of the RV looking up to see the same clouds that have been with us for the last 2 days, but hope was in the air. Fernando gave us a weather brief that was a bit pessimistic, with T-storm returning to the area, but promissed a few updates before the grid.

As the CD and advisers were working on the task we had moments with sun shining through and moments when the coverage would be complete. This would happen throughout the day, as we were going to find out.

Photo #11020 | Task advisers and CD

Grid time was 12:30 and a meeting followed shortly, with the task being handed and new instructions from CD and weather man.

Photo #11025 | CD Rich Owen and wea

FAI combined class was launched and soon after the 18 m class as well, but their reports were not very incouraging. The tasks were shortened and then KM reported a better climb and a decent altutude, so Sports class launch started. All except the last 4 on the grid launched and at that point the cloud coverage was massive again, so the CD called the day off, but allowed the pilots to choose to fly or land at their discretion. 

Photo #11028 | Our amazing line cre

Most of them landed soon afterwards, delivering logs to the scoring office and just now I heard one even completed the task. We still have 2 pilots in the are flying as I am writing this, check the score reports in a little while to see how they did.

Our line crew did a great job in launching everybody quickly and safely and then clearing the runway as gliders were landing. Thank you guys.

So today we got to practice our procedures again Smile and all is running smooth. We hope to fly tomorrow! Either way, we are having fun.





Posted: 6/3/2014


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