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Region V South - Day 1 - A good attempt

The Welcome dinner last night was very good and we were treted with a great cake with a tow-plane and blue skies on it.

Photo #11013 | Our welcome cake

Today's pilots' meeting started with a weather brief mentioning conflictual weather forecasts and many posibilities for the weather to evolve as the day progresses.

Photo #11014 | Grid day 1

We had a grid at noon and a first announced launch at 1:10 pm. We were able to tow the 9 FAI combined class gliders and hold for their reports. In a matter of minutes we could see rain coming our way and the pilots in the air were reporting the task as being un-doable.

Photo #11016 | Team 5 ready

So the CD cancelled the day and we all helped clear the grid quickly and help the landing pilots.

As I am writing this the pilots that launched are delivering their logs to the scorer. Overall today was a good practice day for us all.

We are lucky to have a great line crew that came all the way from Florida to help us. I would like to recognize Martin, Clayten, John and Samantha for their great help today.

Enjoy a picture of our beautiful lady tow-pilots just before launch.

Photo #11017 | Ladies talk before l

Keep posted for more info tomorrow.

Have a nice evening y'all.

Miss Daisy

Posted: 6/2/2014


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