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Region 2 - Contest Wrap up

I am sitting at home a day after the contest ends trying to get my thoughts around all that has happened in the past week. First I have to say that the weather was largely cooperative this year. We had 8 days to fly, 1 practice day and 7 race days. We flew 6 out of 8 of those, and attempted to fly one more. We had a variety of tasks in a wide variety of conditions. We had pure thermal days, 2 ridge days and 1 other day that was thermal with weak ridge for saves if you got low. We had one late starting, shorter condition day and one pure rain day. This all makes for a successful contest, big smiles and yes, a few tired pilots. We even had a few guys stick around and fly the day after, which rarely happens, but it was a very good day with bases to 8,000 and strong thermals.

The contest itself has many people to thank; I will try and do that here and many apologies if I miss anyone. Charlie Spratt once said of this facility, “they have no club, no formal glider operation, the people that run this contest largely drop their jobs and show up at the field and assume their usual positions”. This is largely still true, though MSA now exists and the clubhouse makes it so much easier to host an event such as this. It is impossible to say enough about how much of a difference this clubhouse and the MSA members themselves make in helping to smooth this operation.   

It all starts with Karl and Iris Striedieck. None of this could have been worked into what it has become without their tireless efforts to give back to soaring all that they can. After that and in no particular order, we give thanks to CD Peppi Sare, Scorer John Godfrey, and Line crew Steve Glick, his son Austin, daughter Nikki, MSA volunteer Fred Winter and launch safety man Paul Weeden. Without all of those people the launches would not go off nearly as smoothly as they do, and one day we launched 33 gliders in 42 minutes with 4 tow planes. That is a job well done by all.

The meals were well done and the credit goes to Joanie Yanusus, Iris, Janine Acee and all the competitors’ wives that volunteer their time. 

In truth, many more people do countless little things that we never see and all add to what it takes to make this contest run smoothly. To all of those, who do so very unselfishly and without wanting anything in return, we say thank you to them as well.

In closing, I thank all of you for the kind e-mails about my postings and invite you all to come out and fly with us the same time next year. We are on track for another Region 2 meet with an eye for the next national we can get in 2016.  


Brian Glick






Posted: 5/25/2014


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