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Region 2 - Day 5

Greetings Race fans,

Today is the last day of the contest and the early “bird’s eye” view of the weather tells me that there is far too much moisture in the air for early in the morning. We go to the pilot’s meeting with several people singing the “we have had a good race, don’t push it” refrain that we hear many times. The weatherman forecasts the cue should be to between 6,000 and 7,000 feet but does warn of the obvious spread out and occasional rain showers that we could see. Grid time is set for 11:30 with first launch at 11:45.

When we all arrived on the grid, it was obvious that this was to be a “hurry up and wait day” A second pilots meeting is eventually called to add a backup task as well as the first 2 that were on the task sheet. This task C was a simple out and return that shortened the task time to 2 hours. Task A was a 3 hour 3 turn TAT, task B kept the same and shortened the time to 2.5 hours. As we sit and watched the weather on the grid, it grew cooler by the minute and had almost completely shut the sun off by 12:30. We continued to wait and at about 12:50 we launch the first sniffer. 5E Eric Nelson, was the guinie pig today and he struggled a bit before he did a relight, then another, then another. The good stuff appeared to be to the north so we sent 4X, John Cotter up north into the 7 mountains to see what he could find. 99% of the tows we do here go to the southern ridge, because it is much easier to maneuver the tow routine, but today, out of necessity we had to go north. The launch finally started at about 1:40 and it was tough holding on, but it was improving. There were a few relights, but several people were reporting 6,000 feet. The debate on the radio was which task, A, B, or C. After some conversation between the task advisors and the CD, it was decided to stick with A. The start gate opening was pushed back a time or 2 to allow for late tow guys to climb, but when it opened most everyone banged out of the gate quickly.

Shortly after the start we could see the isolated rain showers, but otherwise, not a bad looking sky. One shower passed to the west of the home field and was very light, one more serious one passed east, we stayed dry. I stood there wondering how everyone was getting around them on course. We had a few guys bail out and come back early, and the amount of people who finished the day was lower. Even the eventual winner of 15 M class came back behind my trusty 180. This had the effect of scrambling the score sheet just a little as the lead for sports was wrested away from BA on this day. We also had a first time Day winner in 28H, Glenn Kelly. This was enough to propel him into 3rd place overall and get him a spot on the podium at the awards ceremony. Good flying Glenn and congratulations, not only to you, but all the contestants and winners.

With most everyone back, the awards ceremony was scheduled for 6:30. SM, John Seymour wins 18M, XC, Sean Murphy wins 15M and KS, Karl Striedieck wins Sports. This is the conclusion of a very nice contest. I will give thanks and general thoughts in my wrap up tomorrow. Until then, I will borrow a phrase from 711 when I say, thermal tight, soar high and stay safe.


Brian Glick


Posted: 5/24/2014


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