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Region 2 - Day 4

This morning dawned as Day 4 here at Mifflin. The end of this race is fast approaching and after yesterday’s exciting race we wonder what today will hold. Without looking at all the soundings and maps that the weather men use, to the naked eye, this looks to be a similar day to those of us who live here. At the morning meeting we hear first from Gregory Delp.  Greg is a first time race pilot and yesterday he finished his first task. He stood up and graciously thanked all those who are racing for the knowledge and experience that they bring and are willing to share with anyone.  Kellerman follows this up with his morning report on what today is predicted to do. He again paints the forecast with optimism again and announces that the cue should be to 7,000 feet by 2 PM.  Grid time is set for 11:15 with first launch at 11:45. The task advisors go back the MSA clubhouse and design a long 4 hour MAT task with 5 mandatories and then you can run out the clock with any you like.

Unlike any other day at this race, the launch starts promptly at 11:45 with no sniffer. In fact, the conditions were good, and in some areas a little too good. The saving grace for many was that the ridge winds came up late in the day and allowed some very fast ridge runs again. That is not to say the day was not without trouble, as many had trouble getting in and out of Strip mine and Mid State. I had to go to Mid-State on a retrieve late in the day and there was a cold dark shelf of moderate OD. Once I landed at Mid-State, the temperature on the ground was a good 10 degrees colder and the lift was nil. Getting into and out of there was very difficult due to the same northwest winds that make the ridges run so well. Mid State is on the edge of high flat wooded area, and the only thing that comes off there, absent thermals, is the leeward downdrafts.

The speeds were degraded by having to go to a few of these turns, and in fact would have been much slower had they not included some of those late day ridge runs. In fact, when I finally landed back at the home field just after 6:30 the winds were still about 290 at 16 gusting to 24. The last glider did not land until after 7:00 local time.

And alas, they were rewarded to a fine meal of Mifflin trout and all the fixins. The line at the soft serve truck was long and I did not see too many people who missed out. Many thanks to Eugene and Peggy Glick (my parents) Roy Stine, Bob Miller, Alan Nearhood and all the people who helped to bring us this fine meal.

Tomorrow is the last day and the scores are close. I will report how it all turns out at the end.


Brian Glick


Posted: 5/23/2014


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