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Region 2 - Day 3

Greetings race fans,

After yesterday’s rain, I drove to the field this morning in mostly foggy conditions and noticed lots of moisture in the air even as the fog was lifting. It was warm and juicy and I had a bad feeling about what could happen with this day. An absence of flying tasks the last 2 days, made for a much shorter pilots meeting than some. KS briefed all on the progress of the Jacks Mountain wind turbines and talked about the groups that have formed in opposition to these. Then comes what we all look for every morning, the Kellerman report. I think I am going to trademark that name. Anyway, the weather was up and QV has really taken to being an optimist at this contest, I wonder what they have done with the real Richard. He reports to us that we are sitting in the back end of the moist weather, but by 2 PM a front will pass from the north and swing the winds around to something in the line of 290 degrees 15 gusting to 25. This is the perfect wind direction and speed for an awesome ridge mission.

We gridded at 11:30 and began the waiting game. The CD continued to push the launch back 15 minutes at a time until about 12:45 when the sniffer was launched. KS got off and found not much of anything for about half an hour, but he was able to linger and hold on. The launch started late at about 1:40 and took an hour as we were short 1 tow plane. In truth, this was perfect as the front passage was more gradual than abrupt, but when it came around the theme was turn and burn. The winds on the ground came around to exactly what was predicted and at times I saw gusts approaching 30, but not for long.

When the landings started it was about 6:00 PM and all were not back on the ground until a little after 7:00. There were numerous stories of flying debris in cock pits and things roving around that had never moved before, yes it was that good. The winning unhandicapped speed in sports class was 106 MPH. Everyone was happy, sore and tired this evening.

Tomorrow looks like more of the same, only with a little less wind. If we have a 4 hour task that will be the 3rd one of this contest.

Friday night is Mifflin fish fry night and it is obvious from the amount of crews and visitors showing up. Corky Gill arrived with Sophie Acee. JT Mc Master is here as well as Dieter Ennulat from Harris Hill. Looks like a great social evening for all.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/22/2014


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