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Region 2 - Rain Day Report

Seems as though the last few years of the Mifflin contest, the area farmers should pay us for at least a day or 2 of drought reduction. Today was that here at Mifflin. I awoke from a deep sleep about 3:00 this morning to the loud sounds of thunder clapping and rain pounding on the roof of my house. This was to be the refrain of the day.  As darkness turned into the light of Wednesday morning, the thunder had subsided and turned to a heavy steady rain throughout the morning.

I write this report from the friendly confines of my office some 5.5 air miles from the field. Today is what has become known at Mifflin contests as “Glickless Wednesday” My family owns the local livestock market and Wednesday is mandatory that all hands be on deck at the market for sale day. It was obvious as of lunchtime that nothing was going on at the airfield as my office started to see competitors come in the door to watch the sale of Horses, pigs, cows and sheep. As is always the case, I managed to call out a few of their names when we were selling in a humorous attempt to make them believe they had actually purchased an animal. This always gets a few laughs and has the occasional guy shake a finger at me and get red faced at the surprise of hearing their name called. Of course, a few regulars that know my tricks, tend to use a particular finger when they shake, but that is all in good humor too.

Tomorrow morning a crew of us will assemble at my homestead to prepare the fish for the Friday night fish fry at the airport. We have been involving willing volunteers from among the pilot’s the last few years, as this is a lot of work to prepare for. My father reminded me today that he has to watch Leigh Smith closely, as he sometimes forgets that a fish actually has 2 fillets of meat on it and not one. Seems in Leigh’s haste to learn to fillet fish, he did one side and threw the rest in the garbage can without removing the second. I could not figure out how a novice was getting done so quickly, I guess it is real easy when you are only doing half the work and throwing the rest away. Yep, I can tell he is an airline pilot.

I am not sure what the weather holds for tomorrow either as to get some flying in we will have to see the ground dry out a bit and see some robust heating to trigger thermals. Problems usually occur with this as the heating is too much and causes great big blow ups that can not be dealt with. It will be interesting to see what the weatherman has to say in the morning.


Brian Glick


Posted: 5/21/2014


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