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Region 2 - Day 2

Greeting race fans, well another day at the Mifflin Region 2 contest is in the bag. A few things are becoming obvious right out of the gate. First, the Arcus must be an awesome flying machine as it has kicked butt the first 2 days. We were watching traces earlier with 3 gliders on them. RA (Arcus), KS a DUO and HW, also a Duo. The Arcus simply out manned and out gunned both in most of the task area. When they did slow down and get behind, long straight ahead glides caught them up and allowed them to easily win the day again in Sports class. I have seldom seen a glider that is this aesthetically pleasing and also fly’s so superbly. Also to note here, the 2 DUO’s that I compared were not being flown by novices that are just learning this sport.

The second obvious point is, we have so far been blessed with very good soaring weather. Today started out much like yesterday. The pilot’s meeting was short and the weatherman was very optimistic. For the second day in a row, he predicted 9,000 foot bases by midafternoon with a less chance of spread out than yesterday, though it could still happen. One note in the forecast was that we were likely to see scattered rain showers in the northeast part of the task area late in the day. With that in mind, the task committee and the CD sent everyone northeast first. This proved to be a wise decision as late in the day the radar and even at times the naked eye here on the ground, could see those showers developing in that area and moving away from us. By the time they did all but 1 late starter had been in and out of that turn point already. It did manage to catch the late starter and send him to visit a farmer coming out of the first turn. Other than that, there was only 1 other land out in this day and the rest all came home.

The winning speeds for the day were not earth shattering but good speeds for a pure thermal day with some OD in scattered areas. After I tow, I normally hang around and help clear the runway of landing gliders. It is a great place to gauge the nuances of the day. 1 racer opened his canopy and said he could have walked around the course faster, but at least he got back. Another said he had everything there was to offer in a day. He was as high as 9,000’ once, was down inspecting the leaves on the trees next, then flew through a snow shower with ice accumulation on his wings. He still ended up 5th in his class for the day. Charlie Spratt would say to this, ONLY AT MIFFLIN do we see these types of racing days.

In the other 2 classes, seasoned veterans popped up and reminded us all that being members of the AARP means only that experience counts for something. OH, Hank Nixon wins 15 M and SM, John Seymour wins the 18 M day. Maybe one of them gets Geritol for his prize in Tuesday’s pilots meeting?

I have not looked far enough to see what tomorrow may hold, but I can assure you there are lots of smiles this evening as everyone departed the field for a quiet evening dinner. Tomorrow evening we dine here on homemade Chili and all the trimmings and Friday evening we all partake in the annual Mifflin Fish dinner and soft serve ice cream truck. This is always a Mifflin favorite as the trout is fresh and the beer is cold. More news as the week moves along.


Brian Glick

Posted: 5/19/2014


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