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Region 2 - Day 1

The race started today here at Region 2. The morning meeting happens at 9:30 AM in the airport maintenance hangar and with all the mandatory meeting stuff out of the way, this went off very quickly and smoothly. The weatherman reported that we are in very unstable air and should see Cu throughout the task area with only a very slight chance of spread out. He also was very un-Kellermanlike in predicting 9,000 foot bases by midafternoon. WOW, Mr. QV, the pessimist, has become, QV the optimist and Superman all in one day. He became Superman by going on and flying his little English ass off to the day win in his class. Now that is showing a very new mental attitude, probably helped slightly by his splashy new glider. Congrats to him.

In 15M we have a seasoned racer, in XC Sean Murphy. Sean has been racing here since almost the day I began helping. He is very enthusiastic about this sport and quietly goes about his business in a very professional way. He is a racer that practices a lot with his club and it shows.

In Sports we have the team of Bennet & Good. Nico is new to this sight as far as contest flying, but John Good is a very seasoned veteran who knows his way around about any contest task area in the country. They applied their skills very well yesterday and came out atop the score sheet for the day.

As I talked to the pilots I got the sense that the day was not totally without trouble, as several guys toiled around very low for long periods of time trying to get back up to a safe altitude. Most of the racers I talked with said that it was a get high and stay high kind of a day. Those who did not follow that rule fell down the score sheet very quickly on this day.

Monday appears to be more of the same, though it could be blue, I will report to you more on it as the day progresses.


Brian Glick



Posted: 5/18/2014


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