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Region 2 - Practice Day

Greetings to all from Central Pennsylvania. Each year a group of sailplane racing pilot’s gather here to fire up and ply their skills in the new year and beat all their friends, old and new at the sport we dearly love. Sailplane racing at its best has come back to Mifflin County airport for the 25th year and the 19th consecutively.

I started working here in 1996 and have been quite enamored with the atmosphere, the people I have met and made friends with and all the life lessons it has taught me.

Today was the practice day and as the morning progressed we saw more and more trailers show up with new arrivals the tune of the day. The morning meeting took place at 9:30 AM and grid time was set for 12:00 noon. A short task was called for all to fly and see if their racing skills were in tune or out of tune. Some were testing new equipment and even 1 brand new glider. It was a good thing that this was practice as a few kinks had to be worked out on all fronts. The tow operation was smooth, but the ground crew was bored. We only used 2 tow planes today, instead of our regular 4, but with some people not here and some staying on the ground, the launch still went off in an hour and 5 minutes.  I talked with several pilots who told me the day was really good sometimes, and really marginal at others. Most admitted they did not venture far. The cloud bases were in the 6,000 to 6,500 foot range with a few passing showers, but none that affected us as they stayed well north.


I will be reporting all week from the race with all the racing and social news.


Brian Glick

Chief Tow Pilot  

Posted: 5/17/2014


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