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Region 5 East - May 8 at 2130

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

The competitors at Bermuda High chortled in their joy today.  We romped around our Tasks with nary a glance at the ground.  The clouds were honest and persistent, and the bases were at 8000 feet MSL.

The two classes had TATs that were similar, but different.  Both had three circles.  The 15 Meter gliders had a shorter minimum distance and a 2:30 time.  The 18s had to stay out for 3 hours and were assigned a final area that was a bit farther away.

Everyone got home with big smiles and stories to tell.  Because of the difference in Task times, they arrived back home in two bunches.  It was interesting to note that the winners elected to accumulate their distance in the first two small circles, rather than leave that to the 20-mile final area.

In the 15 Meter Combined Class, John Mittel's (BZ) relatively late start paid off, enabling him to overtake the competiton and arrive home with his second daily win of the competition at 64.6 mph.  The only one who started later was Joerg Stieber (JS). Joerg claimed second place and still holds on to his overall lead.

The story in the 18 Meter Class is predictable. The race for second place is somewhat interesting, but there is no doubt that we are witnessing the performance of a true master of soaring in Jerzy Szemplinski (XG). Jerzy won the day again at 65.1 mph and has extended his overall lead to almost 300 points, with only two days remaining in the contest.

So, the Americans have only two days left to dislodge the current Canadian leaders. At this point, it looks like a tough job, in both classes.  Annexing Quebec might be easier.

Frank and Jayne put on another well-attended cookout on the field this evening.  This contest has set a new standard for fine weather, fine flying, and fine dining.

There are rumors that tomorrow will be a bit more challenging.  More opportunity to take a bite out of that point spread!

Posted: 5/8/2014


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