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Region 5 East - May 7 at 1815

Today turned out much better than forecast, and there were even some clouds to chase.  For the first day of the contest, wind was not a factor.

For the first time, the two classes got different Tasks (both ATs).  All the gliders went southeast, into the friendly terrain around Bishopville, which was the first and the last of three turnpoints.

In the 18 Meter Class, Joe Shepherd (1JS) was the first to return, at a respectable 61 mph over the 120 mile course.  That was good enough for second place, but it was nowhere near the performance of the winner, Jerzy Szemplinski, who smoked around the course at 72 mph!  At this point, Jerzy could probably take a day off without losing his overall lead.

In the 15 Meter Combined Class, Henry Retting made up for yesterday's landout by winning the day today.  He flew 65 mph, 8 mph faster than second place Mat Takallu (MD).  In third place was Joerg Stieber (JS), who is holding on to his overall lead.

Despite the good conditions (up to 7 knots to 7000 feet), two landed out.  John Mittel (BZ) needed only 500 more feet on his long final glide, but was unlucky and couldn't find it. Frank Paynter (TA) probably has a story to tell, but he isn't back yet. Perhaps we'll get that story at the local Mexican Restaurant later this evening.

Posted: 5/7/2014


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