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Region 5 East - May 6 at 2200

Another fine day of flying at Bermuda High.  The ridge of high pressure that has been sitting on us has given us another warm sunny day (92°F) with clear skies and 5 knot lift to 6000 feet.

We are taking bets on whether we will ever see a cumulus cloud at this contest.

CD Frank Reid gave us a 2.5-hour MAT with 4 mandatory turnpoints, ending at the closest turnpoint, Pageland.  The task distance to that point was 122 miles.  That turned out to be just about right, as only three pilots (in the 18 Meter Class) were able to add on two more.  One of them was Richard Maleady (TO), who went 150 miles at 56.6 mph to win the day.  Jerzy Szemplinski (XG) flew the same course, coming in second, and retains the overall lead.

In the "15 Meter Combined Class" John Mittell (BZ) hurried home from Pageland, undertime, yet was still the fastest at 50.6 mph raw speed.  This was John's first win at a sanctioned competition, and it was a big one: 138 points ahead of second place finisher Joerg Stieber (JS).  Joerg is still in first place overall.

One of the two landouts today was John Bojack (J4), who was clever enough to fly through both the Finish circle and the Start circle on his way to an eventual landing at the next turnpoint.  According to the rules, which some consider to be a bit quirky on the subject, this allowed John to claim a Task completion and speed points.

After all the gliders were put away, we enjoyed a catered fish dinner and a beautiful sunset at this jewel of a soaring site.

Posted: 5/6/2014


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