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Region 5 East - May 5 at 2115

Despite the fact that there were 3 hours of racing available today, all but four of our competitors were happy to complete a 2-hour TAT.  The other four landed out.

The task area was an agglomeration of lift and sink areas, and it was clear from the pilots' post-flight reports that everyone faced some difficult challenges.  Nobody wished they'd flown a longer task.

The early group left at about 1400, but the later starters did well to wait.  The "hot" areas produced 4-knot climbs to 6000 AGL late in the day.

In the 18 Meter Class, Jerzy Szemplnski beat Frank Paynter by two minutes, and Richard Maleady was third by a small amount.  In that other class, Joerg Stieber ran away from Henry Retting and Mamat Takallu for a clear win.

So, at the end of the first day, the Canadians are on top.  The Americans are eager to give them a run for their money tomorrow, which promises to be hotter and less windy.

Dinner was at Gus's, the finest pizza joint in Kershaw, SC.

Posted: 5/5/2014


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