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Region 5 North - Final report

Another blue day at Perry (we’ve had our full share of these this year).  The day started slowly (which led to tasks being shortened by 30 minutes) but then started to cook nicely, allowing pilots to climb above the 4500’ maximum start altitude.  It was looking like a strong day with good speeds.

But it didn’t really work out that way.  The northern part of the task area, often home to some of the best thermal conditions, was a serious disappointment – pretty much all pilots struggled there, and a few landed.  A line of cumulus clouds was visible to the southeast, but those who chased it found it was out of reach, well beyond the maximum extent of any turn area.

So despite occasional 5-knot thermals to over 5000’, we ended with the slowest day of the contest, and more than a few landouts (mostly in the FAI combined class).  Nonetheless, we concluded a safe contest that produced a good test of pilot skill.

Sarah Arnold was once again the day winner in the Sport class, which made her the contest champion by a convincing margin.  In 18-Meter class, the day winner was John Cochrane, but another steady performance by Jerzy Szemplinski made him the contest winner.  A small surprise in Open class was a day win by Don Bell in his Arcus, but Dick Butler in Concordia was the champion.

The only close race was found in the FAI combined class. Fernando Silva began the day in second place, but by charging around the task almost 5mph faster than anyone managed to take the trophy.

As always, thanks are due to Rhonda and Al Tyler, not only for being willing to be invaded by 65 glider pilots (plus motorhomes, tents, trailers, dogs, etc.) but for the enormous amount of work they do every year to make this annual contest perhaps the most successful one in North America.


 - John Good

Posted: 4/27/2014


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