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Region 5 North - Evening report

Despite some rain yesterday on ground that has received substantial precipitation recently, today’s forecast was for severely blue conditions.  And so it proved – not a scrap of cumulus cloud was seen anywhere in the task area.  The good side of this was decent thermal lift to good altitudes (some pilots reached nearly 6000’, though most flew most of their tasks between 3000 and 4000 ft).

All classes had Modified Assigned Tasks with plenty of assigned points – so this was pretty close to an Assigned Task day.  A complete absence of cloud markers makes most pilots rely on fiberglass substitutes, so large gaggles were the order of the day.  With this help, most pilots completed their tasks, and best speeds were above 60 mph.

In Sport Class, Sarah Arnold (ASW-15B) was best, and now owns first place.  Jerzy Szemplinski (ASG-29) won 18-Meter class and sits just 16 points behind Doug Jacobs.  In the Combined FAI Class, Baude Litt (LS-8) bounced back from Tuesday’s incomplete task with a day win.  Open Class offers perhaps the least surprising results: Dick Butler is in control with his second day win in Concordia, his own design – and almost certainly the highest-performing sailplane ever seen on or near planet Earth.


- John Good



Posted: 4/23/2014


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