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Region 5 North - Evening report

Today’s soaring forecast was “Pretty good until it isn’t” – and so it proved.  At launch time we had a sky full of beautiful cu that delivered good lift to over 6000’.  But by 4pm a cold front had pushed in from the west, bringing overdevelopment, rain and some gusty winds.

About two-thirds of our fleet managed to get around their turn-area tasks; best speeds were well above 60 mph.

Some of the outlandings were interesting.  I retrieved John Cochrane from a nice grass airstrip that unfortunately was behind a locked electric gate.  No one was around, and this was looking like a difficult problem, but a call to the Retrieve Office led to an internet search (by Al Tyler) that disclosed the phone number of the airfield owner – who was happy to give the gate code.

Nikola Gradinski had a less happy experience.  He landed in a good field just a few miles east of home, but the owner proved hostile, at one point threatening Niko with a shotgun.  The intervention of local police and Al Tyler (he who solves all problems) finally led to a successful retrieve.

 -John Good

Posted: 4/22/2014


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