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Region 5 North - Sunday, practice Day

After 2 days of rainy weather, the skies are becoming lighter with chance for some flying this afternoon.  No pilots meeting however, so no task.  The early am forecast indicated areas of drizzle before 10am and chance of rain between 10am and 3pm, cloudy with a high near 65.  MVR early lifting to VFR in the early afternoon.  B-S ratio indicates thermals will be very difficult to work with winds aloft 24 knots NE at 2000 ft.  This info comes from Scott Fletcher, our weatherman who is lucky to be flying this contest.

Scott was driving to his home with his glider on Thurs. in order to pack for the trip to Perry.  Traffic on I-85 was dense and came to a full stop.  Scott, in the right hand lane was biding his time, cars in front and back of him stopped and waiting, when a truck in the center lane veered and plowed into the back of his trailer.  The trailer was totaled with some damage to the glider.  A happy ending to this story, is that Scott arrived yesterday at the contest and Hank Nixon loaned his trailer to go to Spartanburg to bring the glider to the contest.  John Murray is repairing a wing tip and horizontal stabilizer and Al Tyler is lending his rudder from the 29 so that Scott will fly tomorrow!!

This year's R5N will have an open class.  Those pilots entered are: Don Bell, Heinz Weissenbuehller, Dick Butler, Al Tyler, Brian Milner, and Sam Zimmerman.

Posted by Leigh

Posted: 4/20/2014


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