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Region 4 North - Saturday- No Contest Day

We gave it a shot today, but we weren't able to get in a task.   The forecast model soundings showed a chance of getting to 3500 under Cu for  couple of hours.   Unfortunately, that forecast was predicated on some big holes developing in the mid-level clouds.   The clouds had other ideas. 

We launched three sniffers, and they were able to maintain in weak wave.  Unfortunately, with no sign of convection, there was no way to get the entire fleet launched, much less call a task.    With the temps falling and winds picking up, I canceled the day at 1:30. 

So, the standings for the 2013 Region IV North are:


KS- Karl Striedieck

PJ - Phil Jones

XZ -  Shane Nietzey


5E -  Erik Nelson

9X- Christophe Bianchi

XM - Mike Smith


SZ - Frank Paynter

W3 -  Tim Welles

SM -  John Seymour

Fairfield continues to be a fantastic location for a Fall contest.   The eastern half of the task area provides incredibly benign terrain for low thermal days.  The western half of the task area is the gateway to ridge country.   The operations are top notch with great camping facilities, wonderful club members, and lots of things to do if the weather doesn't cooperate.   Hopefully we'll see some new faces next year. 

This brings the 2013 SSA Contest season to a close.    Get ready for 2014!


Posted: 10/19/2013


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