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Region 4 North - Day 2

Well, we finally got the big day we were waiting for.   A cold front slipped through overnight, and we awoke to crisp, blue skies.   With winds progged to be out of the WNW, there was one thought on everyone's mind - ridge. 

Baude Litt is back from Belgium and doing our weather, and he has been spot-on all week.  Today, he called for Cu at 5,000+ with WNW winds weakening during the day.  There was a good chance the day would go blue later in the afternoon.   That's pretty much what we got, though the ridge winds got softer a little earlier than we might have liked.   

The task was a long MAT that took advantage of a bunch of new turnpoints that were added to allow us to make use of just the sort of WNW winds we had today.   All classes were sent on a 3.5 hour task to Burn Cabins, Waterford (Honey Grove), Gobbler's Knob (end of Blacklog/Shade Mountain),  Lewistown, and McConnellsburg.  If that wasn't enough, pilots were free to add more turnpoints, though no repeats were allowed.   The no repeat clause required some serious calculations, as there were only a few points left among the ridges.  

As it turned out, the softer ridge and bluing out meant that speeds were mostly in the 60s to 70s, so nobody was forced to think about the long run up to Thompsontown or Beaver Springs.  Instead, most people added on some combination of Lockings and Roxbury Dam plus one or two close-in turnpoints on the way home.   

About 2/3 of the pilots completed the task for speed points.    In the FAI combined, Erik Nelson again won the day.  In 18M, it was Tim Welles posting an impressive 77mph flight.   Karl Striedeick, the ridge meister, took the Sports, but not without a good fight from Shane Nietzey .   

A couple of the landouts were pretty far away, so as I write this, the last retrieves are just coming in.   Even those folks seem to have broad grins on their faces.   Hopefully we'll get another one in tomorrow.  


Posted: 10/18/2013


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