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Region 4 North - Wednesday - No Contest Day

We awoke this morning to the Ski Liberty mountain shrowded in fog and no sign of sun anywhere.   After the pilots meeting at which weatherman Baud Litt assured us there was no chance of soaring, the task advisors met.  We decided it was a clean kill -  the day was cancelled at 10:30 to allow folks to take care of all of those rain day activities.  

In addition to the usual talks from the winners at today's meeting, we welcomed a couple of newer competition pilots.  Shane Nietzy (XZ) received Fairfield's version of the yardstick award for his 0.27 mi marking distance yesterday.   That got a good chuckle.  I also asked Dave Reilly,  a newbie from Richmond, to remind us what it's like to be the new guy at a contest.   Dave is making the usual mistakes and having a ball doing it.   

The forecast for the remainder of the week is changing hourly, so who knows what's going to happen.   We'll be ready to go again in the morning. 


Posted: 10/16/2013


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