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Region 4 North - Monday - No Contest Day

We gave it our best shot, but we missed a day by a hair.   Baud Litt's forecast called for weak to moderate lift to somewhere between 3,000 and maybe 4,000 feet depending on a number of factors.  If things broke our way, we had enough to get in a reasonable task.   If not...

As it turned out, the mid-level clouds began breaking up just after the pilots' meeting, and for a while we were on track for a decent day.   The sniffer launched shortly after 12:30 and stuck, as did the 18M class.   Problem was, nobody was getting much above tow release height.   We continued the launch and pretty much the whole fleet was able to maintain or climb to almost 3,000.  

Just as it started to look doable, the mid-level cloud deck started to reappear with a vengeance, and soon there were many gliders below release height and several landed back.   With the clouds thickening and the day getting late,   I made the (reluctant) call to cancel the day.   Like all great leaders when faced with adversity, I went to play golf. 

When I got back from shooting a pretty reasonable 42 for 9 holes, a few of the pilots were just landing.   SM, KS, SZ (Paynter), LBL, W3 and 5E all managed to fly around for between 3 and 4 hours.    While nobody actually completed the task, they managed to log a few difficult miles and play Last Man Down.  At last check, it was SM with the duration honors and W3 with distance.   I'm sure Mary Nelson will have appropriate prizes waiting in the morning.  

Tomorrow looks like today - only better - so we're hoping to have some real scores in our next report. 


Posted: 10/14/2013


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