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Standard Class Nationals - Summary

We've arrived at the end of an interesting contest week at Chilhowee.

It was a full week of amazingly weak, difficult weather - which was actually the best week of soaring weather in eastern Tennesse for about the past two months.  We saw not one day of strong conditions, but ten days in a row were at least flyable, and we finished with 6 of 9 valid days in Standard Class, and 3 of 5 days in our Regional class.

If you accept the argument (easy to support on past history) that weak weather is the best test of soaring ability, then we have a worthy Standard Class champion in Bob Fletcher.  He was the most consistent pilot here, and as a result of this win qualifies for the US Team.  He'll compete with teammate Phil Gaisford in WGC2014 at Rayskala Finland, next June.  And don't overlook Rich Owen: he finished second in his first national contest, and but for a landout about a mile short of home on the second-to-last day probably would have won it.

Fernando Silva was the winner of the Regional sport class.  He came here with an LS-4, intending to compete in Standard Class. But this plan was deranged by an ground incident with a towplane - so he fired up his ASW-27, switched classes, and won the contest.

And give credit to all pilots here, who were able to cope with difficult weather and many landouts without any damage or problems.


Posted: 9/8/2013


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