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Standard Class Nationals - Afternoon report

Another (weakish) cold front pushed through eastern Tenessee last night, giving us renewed optimism for soaring conditions over the next couple of days.  Weatherman Fernando Silva has told pilots to expect low winds, good visiblity, and cumulus clouds to perhaps 5500' MSL (better than anything we've seen thus far).

At task opening time, the view from the ground supports this optimism: we have easily the best-looking sky of the contest.  But four re-lights suggest that it may be a bit early to declare this a problem-free day.  Yet pilots are off on a 3-hour Modified Assigned Task, and we have hopes of a day that will yield few landouts, good speeds and perhaps 1000 points for the winner.

François Pin today provided evidence of talents that extend well beyond his role as Competition Director - he fixed an elegant lunch for contest staff, consisting of steak sandwiches (garnished with sauteed onions and peppers), baba ganoush, fattoush, and tzatziki sauce.  Yum.


Posted: 9/6/2013


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