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Standard Class Nationals - Afternoon report

Better-looking weather has at last arrived at Chilhowee.  This is not to say we have a booming day, but by the standards of the past few, conditions are definitely looking up.

We're down to just the Standard Class today - the Region 5 contest takes a break, and will resume on Saturday. 

Lingering low cloud made the launch a bit late, and some gliders at the back of the grid collected a few raindrops from one largeish grey cloud that developed overhead.  But Weatherman Fernando Silva's forecast of steadily improving conditions, thinning clouds and bases near 5000' seems to be on track.  Off tow, pilots reported climbs of 3 to 4 knots to around 4000' MSL.  By 14:45 most had departed on an Assigned Task of 160 miles.



Posted: 9/3/2013


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