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Standard Class Nationals - Early afternoon report

Interim CD Bill Eliott has departed (not before squeezing in a decent task yesterday), and Francois Pin, our "official" Competition Director, has arrived, fresh from a decisive victory in the 13.5-Meter contest at Moriarty NM.  (Had he been slightly further ahead, he could have departed a day early while still being sure of holding first place.)

Eastern Tennessee weather again looks dodgy, but not yet hopeless.  A hole in the low clouds has drifted over Chilhowee, gliders are gridded, and a launch may be attempted as soon as sufficient optimism can be mustered.  Better conditions continue to hang tantalizingly northwest of here and a willing mind can believe they are headed this way, perhaps as soon as Monday.

We had several landouts yesterday.  All went well, though wet fields complicated matters in a couple of cases.  Eric Nelson reported that his two-wheel-drive van is not fond of ditches, and needed help from a farm tractor to emerge from an otherwise good hayfield.

Posted: 9/1/2013


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