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1-26 Championships - Day 7

Last day of the contest.... oh boy! The weather looked pretty sketchy in the morning, especially after all of the cirrus we had yesterday. However, the forecast looked optimistic enough that we should get a day in. Bill Hill predicted that we would have a similar convergence as the previous day form over the Manzanos and we did. In fact, this convergence made a peculiar U-shape, which extended almost all the way over to the airport. Chip Garner called a two hour TAT which first took us to Ortiz Mine and then over to the Manzanos and return. The 13.5m contest decided to take a rest day since we had so many consistent days of flying. The conditions were fairly reliable, though with a cloudbase of only 11,500ft. It got fairly soft heading into the first sector, and many elected to turn fairly early, heading toward the billowing convergence/cloud street to the Southwest. Once under that street, it was possible to run at times at 80 mph right at cloudbase! However, the bad news was that while the street ran through the middle of the turnpoint, it curved over perpendicular to the mountains, leaving little opportunity to follow it deeper into the first sector. In fact, on the other side of the street, there were only a couple scrappy Cu that made it quite the challenge to go farther. Ultimately, yours truly elected to come back early and not risk landing out while Schwartz went in far. The street started to fall apart and by the airport there was a thunderstorm brewing that made for some gusty conditions on the surface. Ron managed a fantastic flight, substantially winning the day, but just barely was not able to close the point gap.

Tomorrow the 13.5m contest will fly a task and there will be a special task for the "Champion of the Champions" trophy for the 1-26ers attending who have won 1-26 contests in the past.

Daniel Sazhin (563)

Posted: 8/29/2013


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