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1-26 Championships - Day 6

What a day! Today we had a 2 hour TAT that took us to the Manzanos to the West and then into the valley with the turnpoint Encino. It looked rather promising on the grid as the sky was filled with Cu to the South of the airport and the obligatory cloud street on the Manzanos was cooking. However, heavy cirrus was rolling in from the South as the start-gate opened and by the time the contestants reached the second turnpoint, it looked pretty ugly. Some elected to storm down the street and pray that convection would hold up long enough to make it back, and others didn't dare go deep into the muck and elected to go to the second turnpoint earlier. Both approaches worked out well for the day winners Tony Condon and Ron Schwartz... Tony cut across early and found the sunny areas and Schwartz flew down the street as far as he could go and scratched it back to the airport. Surprisingly, most made it back that day. The only two land-outs were Bill Vickland and Bill Snead, who landed out after trying the task the second time. Overall, a very challenging but satisfying day.

Daniel Sazhin (563)

Posted: 8/28/2013


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