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1-26 Championships - Day 3

Thanks Bill Hill for your pessimistic forecast because it was pretty good! Two days ago when Bill had an optimistic forecast, we had a no-contest day... yesterday he said he thought we would not get a day in... and we did! Keep the pessimistic forecasts coming Bill!

Anyway, this day was marked by an abundance of Cu at around 12,000ft. It was a relatively easy day to stay in the air, which is clear given that most of the field made it around, but it was a tricky day to really press fast because the clouds were not all that comfortably high over the terrain. The 2.5 hour TAT task first took us out East to Clines Corners, where a couple nice North/South cloudstreets set up. The winds were out of the South and pretty strong. There were times the winds were up to 20 mph! The second turnpoint with had a large turn area over Lamy Junction. Chip Garner stated that the task was meant to account for the drier air moving in from the South and up North, it was a bit ugly with showers and over-development. The last turnpoint was over Pedernal, which also gave the contestants an opportunity to run the streets back South. However, the day seemed to start falling apart at 4:30pm over a large area in the South and a lot of contestants returned at that time. Abundant sink was to be found on the final glide...

Of note, Francois Pin flew an extraordinary flight, more than 10 mph faster than any of the other contestants. Kristen Farry had here first land-out, which was in the Alburqurque Soaring Club 1-26. It was uneventful and she was rather excited to have made it to all of the turn sectors! Overall, a very nice day.

Looks like this Southerly flow is not going to break tomorrow... here we go again.

Daniel Sazhin (563)

Posted: 8/25/2013


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