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1-26 Championships - Day 2

To fly or not to fly, that was the question. Bill Hill had a rather pessimistic forecast this morning, calling for rampant OD and precipitation all around the task area. However, it looked rather optimistic when Chip Garner started the launch and eventually opened the start-gate. There was a great cycle of clouds that generated climbs to a reasonably comfortable altitude of 11,500-11,800ft. However, those who did not immediately punch out on course when the start opened found themselves scratching out of the start sector a good bit lower as mid-level clouds started rolling in and billowing towering Cu formed and started dumping rain. After going to the first sector in Palma, the conditions looked fairly bleak heading toward the second and third turnpoints at Chilili and Estancia East respectively. The wind had picked up to a consistent 15 knots or a little over from the South, presenting a challenge to some of the 1-26 pilots. A large street ODed along Rt.41, which killed most of the lift heading into the Chilili sector. As a result, many landed out or landed back at the airport.

It was a good day to make it around as there was a great evening planned at the Southwest Soaring Museum. It worked out very nicely with the Sons of the Rio Grande, a leading Western music band in the state playing just for us. Steak and Salmon were served and everyone had a grand ol' time.

Let's hope that tomorrow brings more favorable weather...

Daniel Sazhin (563)

Posted: 8/24/2013


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