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1-26 Championships - Day 1

Today was a very challenging day in Moriarty. Chip Garner called a 3 hour TAT with large sectors to allow pilots to run up and down the Manzanos/Sandias and potentially contact a convergence if it were to set up later in the day. The day, however started fairly late, with the start gate opening around 14:19pm. The conditions were quite squirrely unless one was on the booming thermal street that set up along the mountains. However, once on the line, it was possible to run for miles and miles without circling, anywhere from 12,500ft up to cloudbase which was around 14,000ft at that time. A couple pilots managed to make it over to the line of clouds on the other side of the valley in the 13.5m class. Guess those shiny glass wings are occasionally useful! There were some landouts, one notable one being 142 that landed in a ranch that was padlocked. Last we heard was that the situation was resolved when the sheriff was able to contact a ranch-hand or owner of the property to be able to unlock the gate and retrieve the glider many hours after the unfortunate pilot landed. Otherwise, it was a grueling day well done and hopefully Bill Hill's forecast of continually improving conditions comes to fruition.

Till next time,

Daniel Sazhin (563)

(PS: If one would like to see the contest results, go to http://126champs13meter2013.abqsoaring.org/126scores.html for 1-26 and http://126champs13meter2013.abqsoaring.org/13m.html for 13.5m results.)

Posted: 8/22/2013


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