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1-26 Championships - Moriarty Practice Day 2

Today we had an... interesting practice day at Moriarty. It was very good in some places and very scratchy in others. Contest Director Chip Garner called a 2 hour one turnpoint MAT to Chilili and most of us 1-26ers/13.5 drivers launched with Bill Hill's optimistic weather forecast and prospect of good lift. However, other than a couple good thermals in the vicinity of Moriarty, the first leg was painfully slow for most. The thermals were occasionally marked by wisps except for a huge line of clouds on the Eastern side of the Manzanos. Most of the 1-26 drivers turned back from Chilili, though a couple pressed on to the line along with most of the 13.5 drivers. That line was freakin' amazing! Sustainable lift was even recorded at 1500fpm! With the exception of one uneventful landout, everyone made it back to the airport.

One interesting thing to note is the peculiar nature of flying in two different contests with two seperate rules at the same time. For instance, 1-26 rules allow for starting out the back-side of the sector, whereas 13.5m/Sports does not give you credit for that distance. One cannot climb above 17,500ft without getting penalized in 13.5m class, however the 1-26s can climb right up to 18,000ft. The finish sector for the 13.5m class is 3 miles with a minimum finish height of 7500ft whereas the 1-26 finish is a 1 mile sector with no minimum finish height. These, among other differences in rules will probably make for some interesting in-flight tactical decisions favoring one type of scoring or the other.

Brought to you by the 1-26 kid,

Daniel Sazhin (563)

Aero Club Albatross

Posted: 8/21/2013


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