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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Day Six Part One

The gliders are up, all nine!  They are headed to the ghost town called Bodie with a 30 mile radius and a minimum time of 2:15. I opened the gate at 1310. The sky looks nice with some white clouds and PK told us at the weather briefing that we could see bands of cirrus.

This is the last day of the contest and Luke Ashcraft is 238 points ahead of Steve Koerner. They are both flying ASW-27s. Sergio is in third in his Ventus 2C.

Yes, the fire is still out to the west of Truckee and we can see the smoke plume but we are not expecting trouble from the smoke today.


Time has passed and Luke has already landed.  He said that he was in convergence on the way back from Bodie and had too much lift, arriving seven minutes too early at the finish.  Meanwhile, Tony, 1A, has landed at Sweetwater.  PK and JH are also on the ground.  DL is in the pattern.

More later.  It looks good for Luke to maintain his lead and to win the contest.


Posted: 8/17/2013


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