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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Day Four, a Very Blue Day

Jan Driessen and the Soar Truckee ground crew did it again!  They placed our first contest glider, 3CA, on runway 20 in time for our scheduled noon launch and at 1233 the last one rolled.  Before the gate opened at 1248 I talked to PK and he said there was good lift but that he couldn't see any clouds and that is what PK had briefed us on this morning.

Don Brown sent me to "Full Belly Deli" for lunch by showing me where it was on Google Maps.  It is on the north side of I-80. Yes, they have Internet for this blog and their sandwiches are too large.  I like it.  I'm finding that many places in Truckee are hidden in the trees with signs that are too small to see as you drive by.

The constant background for this soaring contest has been the threat of smoke from the "American" fire.  You can search for it and find out that it is now over 4,000 acres.  After the launch those of us who were stuck on the ground were back at the Soar Truckee office and somebody pointed to the smoke coming up above the mountains to the southwest.  It appears that the initial direction for the smoke plume will be to the north but PK said that the winds will be more from the west than the southwest on course.  Let us hope that the Truckee airport stays in the clear today.

Today's task is an AT (Assigned Task) with turnpoints at Topaz (65), Hilton Ranch (29), Lucky Boy Pass (33), Bodie (10), and North Mono Lake (43).

Remember that sandwich that was too large?  It is almost gone and ELO is playing "Livin' Thing" on the background music.  I'm certain that Jeff Lynne was talking about soaring when he said, "Higher and higher."  I'm coming back here tomorrow.

The first start I heard was 3CA at 1304 so we could have finishers around 1600 hours.


Posted: 8/15/2013


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