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Region 11 Soar Truckee - Day Three After Landing

It took a while to get all of the birds home to roost.  Of the nine that we launched a couple returned leaving seven on course.  Six of those came back pretty much on time and DL (ASG-29) got stuck over in the Carson Valley and on the Pine Nuts and couldn't get enough altitude to make the jump back into Truckee.  He tried for some time and then landed at Minden where Soaring NV gave him a tow back to Truckee where several of us were waiting in the smoke. Yep, the smoke finally covered Truckee and when DL returned (the sun was low and red in the smoke) the visibility was probably down to six miles.

For the day Luke Ashcraft, SD1, won with 1,000 points in his ASW-27 with an actual speed of 85.05 mph for 258.58 miles.  Nice going, Luke!  Number two for the day was Sergio Colacevich, C2, with 991 points and Sergio is in first place with 2,872 points. Steve Koerner, GW, was third for the day and is second place with 2,844 points.  Luke is in third place with 2,764 points.

The top three are very close and now we have something to talk about.  When we get up in the morning we will first be looking at the sky to see if it is still smokey.


Posted: 8/15/2013


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